Hiking & Biking

Hiking and mountain biking trails on the Kenai Peninsula offer access to many unique habitats and wildlife viewing opportunities.  The natural beauty of Alaska that can only be seen by spending time off the beaten path will surround you and often take your breath away.  Enjoy your time as you relax and allow the rest of the world to slip away as you drink in the hidden sights and sounds.

Any time you step into our Alaskan backyard, remember a few important things so that you can enjoy your adventure and return safely.

  • First always take plenty of water
  • Be prepared for potential bear and moose encounters.
  • When planning an overnight or all day hike it is best to consider taking along a water purification device
  • Alaska’s temperature can drop in the evenings, be sure to take warm clothing even on a comfortable day
  • Pack adequate emergency supplies. Consider some of these items: A whistle, cell phone, emergency blanket, rain jacket, power bars or candy bars, extra pair of socks, bug spray
  • If hiking with man’s best friend be sure to have a portable container they can drink from
  • It is also advisable to tell someone where you are going, or to leave written information in your vehicle at the trail head.
  • Even at popular and heavily traveled trail systems – NEVER leave valuables in your car.
  • Place anything you want in the trunk into the trunk before arriving at your destination.